We all have stress overload, and we must routinely clear it out before it takes over our environment. For you it might be a bad work experience or possibly something personal dealing with a spouse or a child. Whatever it is, many of us have not seen a stress-free day…

1. Easy to Meditate can help you to reduce your stress.

2. Easy to Meditate can help you to reduce your feelings of anxiety.

3. Easy to Meditate can help you reduce your feelings of overwhelm.

4. Easy to Meditate can help you calm your mind.

5. Easy to Meditate…

I write this article for you with a sense of urgency, because we have a pandemic of stress and today you need an easy and practical way to address it. The toll that stress will take on you is not worth it. You must address your stress.

There are the…

The historical and ancient roots of meditation can be traced all over the world and are heavily mixed with various religious beginnings. So, how old is meditation?

The truth is, no one knows for absolute certain when meditation officially started. …

This is the second part of a multipart article.

You MUST be intentional. According to Dan Sullivan Being intentional means having a powerful sense of purpose. It means knowing the importance of what you’re doing and being very clear idea about what your ideal outcome looks like.

Like many other…

The following is the first part of a three part post.

Productivity is a very hot topic and your inability to be productive is causing you and billions of others lots of stress. Yes, I said billions, not millions.

We each have the same 24 hours in each day. And…

It has been a crazy, an eventful year. While Some have flourished, some have struggled, and everyone has experienced uncertainty. Lockdowns have kept us in quarantine, kids are home from school and life will never be the same, vaccine or not.

For many, what it has highlighted is the need…

When it comes to using meditation to manage anxiety, multiple studies have reached the same conclusion. Mindfulness can help you to stop worrying.

Almost 7 million Americans experience Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and many more have occasional bouts of fretfulness due to pressures at work or home. While you can’t remove…

I believe that every person that utilizes meditation can reduce their stress and improve their life.

I believe that people stay stuck and, in a rut, and in many cases in a destructive cycle simply because of their stress.

I believe that many people never come close to reaching their potential because they suffer from endless bouts of stress and are unable to move forward.

I believe that many have never realized how much better their lives can be because they have never learned how in just minutes a day, they can reduce their stress.

I believe that people settle for much less than they are destined for because they suffer from their stress.

I believe that if you are given the proper tool to reduce their stress so that you can improve your life.

Adam Weber, www.meditationnotmedicine.com

I am a former corporate warrior with: A thriving family, a thriving business, and a progressive form of multiple sclerosis.

After working in the corporate world, as a business owner, and as someone living with an incurable and debilitating disease, I have a unique perspective as to how unaddressed stress…

Adam Weber - Meditation Not Medicine

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